Top 1 App Store English reading app in 2019

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Top 1 WeChat Index English reading app in 2019

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We develop scientific learning plans which combine intensive and extensive reading.

The learning plans are designed based on the theory proposed by the world-famous linguist Paul Nation, which suggests that the combination of meaning-focused input and fluency development can significantly improve learners' English reading skills.


The learning contents are crafted by a professional team.

The research team is comprised of content developers who graduate from world-famous universities, including Cambridge, the University of Chicago, Columbia University and the University of Edinburgh. They create contents of high quality and make sure learners acquire what they need to learn.


Our reading materials are copyrighted, authentic and varied.

News Articles:We provide learners with a high-quality article on a daily basis, which is selected from the world's top media outlets including The Economist, The New York Times and The Guardian. Topics are richly varied, covering areas such as economy, science, entertainment and breaking news.

Books: We provide a broad selection of more than 70 copyrighted novels ranging from classics to popular works, including Le Petit Prince, Little Women, Sherlock Holmes Short Stories, Flipped and One Day. Learners can choose whatever they want and read whenever they can.